Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gotta be a record

Worked the Bats game last night, and Chris Richard, of your Durham Bulls, hit three (3) ground rule doubles in one game! No way that's ever happened before, right? We were sure in his last 2 at bats he was swinging for the warning track and not the fences, but no such luck.

What's even stranger is that each of them happened in a different manner. In the first inning he hit your typical, vanilla GR2B. Hard fly to left center, one bounce, and over the fence. In the third he slices a fly ball down the left field line, the Bats left fielder hustles and makes a good effort at a sliding catch, but can't quite get there. The ball bounces (either off the field or the player or both) and bounces over the wall along the left field line in foul territory. But wait there's more. In the fifth he hits a screamer into deep right center. A fan reaches out with his glove, leans slightly over the fence, and plucks it. GR2B on fan interference.

I looked for a couple of minutes and couldn't find any GR2B records - I don't think MLB counts them differently than a normal double. But 3 in one game? Crazy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dunnski's Sunday Journey

I was in Chicago this weekend to catch the Cubs with my boys. Left Sunday's game a bit early to head back home. Here's what happened:

Good news: I get to Chinatown and pick up some sweet-ass Cubs hats, 4 for 10 bucks. Great souvenirs for the kiddies.
Bad news: It's still really hot and the walk back to the hotel almost kills me.

Good news: I get to the airport about 2 hours before my flight (via affordable public transportation) - plenty of time to grab a bite and catch my plane.
Bad news: I learn from the monitor inside the terminal that my 8:50 flight is leaving at 9:50. I say bad words.

Good news: There's an earlier flight that has not yet left Midway.
Bad news: It is presently boarding.

Good news: I've got 15 minutes to get to the gate, and Midway is not that big.
Bad news: I check with the closest agent first (before making that trek) and she says the plane is full. But I should check anyway. Pointless, I say to myself.

Good news: When I get to the gate the plane is still there and people are still in line to board.
Bad news: I see 4 names on the stand-by sheet at the desk.

Good news: The Smith party of 3 does not answer their page! I'm in!
Bad news: I'm the last one on the plane, assuring me a crappy seat.

Good news: The last seat is in an exit row!
Bad news: Between two really large women who weren't planning on any company.

Good news: We leave a few minutes late, but still hours ahead of my original (and delayed) flight.
Bad news: My vacation is over.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The word

Proof that any song can be made better with sequins and a horn section: